The Brand New Aperture - Opening April 2016

What we affectionately referred to as “Phase 3” for years has transformed into Aperture. Following suit with the other buildings at the North End (Portrait, Silhouette, Vignette, etc.) the building name is a nod to a world of art and creativity. Specifically, Aperture has dual meaning. An aperture is a hole, or an opening through which light travels. A wide aperture results in an image that is sharp. The name is appropriate given the unique shape of this building. Designed by Jim Shields and his team at HGA Architects, the six-story building is shaped like a horseshoe. The east side of the site curves to match N. Water St., but the building responds in turn, bending to follow the road and creating unique views for future residents.

The newest addition to the North End neighborhood will feature new luxury apartments on the upper floors and will add new and unique amenity spaces to the already robust sampling at the community. New amenity spaces include an expansive Green Roof, Sports Zone, Library as well as a Pet Spa.

One of the great additions that comes with Aperture is the 30,000 sq. ft. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, which opens in May, 2016. Fresh Thyme is new to the Milwaukee market but is a proven leader in others. Their niche is “fresh”, appropriately. Much of the store‚Äôs fruits and vegetables are organic and locally grown. The store includes hormone-free meat, fresh seafood and baked goods from local artisan bakeries, as well as organic foods.

An upgrade to the floorplans at Aperture, each apartment will include USB charging outlets. In another concession to electronics and comfort, a central wiring location is included in every unit to allow tenants to hide all of the equipment powering their televisions. Should they ever take a break from all these amenities, residents will find unique murals by local artists on every floor.

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